Current Trends That Will Influence Philanthropy

The world of philanthropy is constantly changing, with new trends emerging yearly. As we move into 2023 there are a few key philanthropic trends worth keeping an eye on. Here are 5 of the most important ones:

The Rise Of Women’s Philanthropy

Women’s philanthropy is on the rise, with more and more women donating their time, money, and expertise to causes they care about. This trend is driven partly by the growing number of women in leadership positions and the increased visibility of women-led organizations and initiatives. Moreover, women are increasingly using their philanthropic dollars to support other women and girls worldwide. 

As women’s philanthropy continues to grow, it is also evolving and maturing. Women are becoming more strategic in giving and looking for ways to significantly impact their donations. They’re also starting to pool their resources and work together to support causes.

So what does this trend mean for philanthropy? We expect to see more funding for women’s rights organizations and programs supporting female entrepreneurship and education. We may also see a shift in how charitable organizations operate, focusing more on diversity, inclusion, and gender equity. 

An Increase In Global Giving

Global giving is on the rise, thanks partly to the growing number of people with access to information and connectivity via the internet. With just a few clicks, anyone can now learn about the challenges facing communities worldwide and donate to causes they care about—no matter where they live. Both individuals and institutions have driven this increase in Global Giving as more people and organizations realize the power of lending a helping hand to those in need. 

What does this trend mean for philanthropy? We expect increased funding for international development initiatives and humanitarian relief efforts. We may also see a shift in focus towards issues like climate change and global health, which know no borders. 

A Focus On Social Justice And Human Rights 

One of the biggest trends in philanthropy right now is a renewed focus on social justice and human rights. After years of marginalization and invisibility, traditionally underserved communities are speaking up and demanding to be heard—and their voices are starting to be amplified by a new generation of donors who want to use their financial resources to make change happen. Some top-of-mind issues for donors now include racial inequality, gender-based violence, LGBTQ+ rights, and economic injustice. 

What does this trend mean for philanthropy? We can expect more funding for social justice organizations working towards structural change. And we may also see an increase in donor involvement in areas like advocacy and activism as people look for ways to take action beyond writing a check. 

A Shift Towards Impact Investing 

Are you looking for ways to use your money to make a difference? Impact investing might be right up your alley! Impact investing is all about putting your money into companies or projects that generate both financial returns and positive social or environmental outcomes—in other words, it’s profit with purpose! This investing is becoming increasingly popular among Millennials and Gen Zers who want their money to work hard for them—and make a difference while doing it! 

The Growth Of Digital Giving Platforms 

We’re seeing a growing trend towards digital giving platforms that make it easy for people to donate money quickly and easily—without having to write a check or visit a website! These platforms allow you to set up recurring donations or give spontaneously whenever you feel moved to do so—and they’re often integrated with popular payment apps like Venmo or Paypal so that you can provide with just a few taps on your phone screen! Some examples of popular digital giving platforms include Donate Well, Give Lively, Network for Good, and Razoo. 

How To Get Involved In Philanthropy?

Here are a few ideas to get you started. First,  take some time to learn about the issues you care about. What are the causes that speak to you? Once you’ve identified a few areas of interest, start researching charitable organizations working in those fields. Then, take the next step and get involved! You can volunteer your time, donate money, or even fundraise on behalf of a cause you care about. Every little bit helps—and you’ll make a difference in the process!

Philanthropy is one of the most critical trends in the world today. Thanks to the internet, anyone can now learn about the challenges facing communities worldwide and donate to causes they care about—no matter where they are. Plenty of options are available if you’re looking for ways to get involved in philanthropy.


These are just some of the significant trends we’re seeing in philanthropy now! As we move into 2023, keep your eye out for these shifts and how they might impact the way you give back.

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