Vladimer Gersamia
Vladimer Gersamia
Vladimer Gersamia was born in Georgia and moved to the Netherlands in 1992. He went to the British School in the Netherlands. Vladimir had a very happy childhood, even though he witnessed firsthand the fall of the soviet union and the tough times in Georgia. His parents are doctors, and his father was a deputy minister of health in the 1990s. In 1998 Vladimer attended The Leys School Cambridge; he had a fantastic experience where he made many friends. He was very much involved in History, winning several awards in school and London for his work and final dissertation. In 2001 he went to the University of West of England Bristol, studying History and economics, and received a BA in Honours in History. He focused on educating people about the small republic of Georgia (often confused with a state in the USA). After working as an economic Research analyst in emerging markets, in 2016, Vladimer moved away from financial markets to the FMCG sector (fast-moving consumer goods). He became a product specialist in large wholesale and retail food companies and international trade, focusing on exotic fresh (bananas, pineapple, mango). He established strong relationships with suppliers, especially from South America, and created local supply chains and logistics channels for efficient import, local retail and occasional re-export in Eastern Europe. From the end of 2020, he set up his own business in the wholesale trade of food and food products. Over the years, he has established various relationships with buyers and suppliers that allowed the creation of a multifunctional group focused on trading FMCG products, primarily food and drink. Today he oversees day-to-day operational activity and is responsible for implementing group vision and strategy. He is fully involved in the lifetime of all group trades, from origination to execution to settlement.
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