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Vijay Mehra eqt
Vijay Mehra eqt
Vijay Mehra has been a general management, real estate and property investment advisor for over three decades operating throughout Asia-Pacific, North America and Europe. He began his career in the UK after studying the arts, finance and economics and quickly found his passion in advisory work connecting businesses and individuals with properties to suit their needs. He has also developed a general management strategy and advisory niche for himself over the years. Along with his wife, Mehra has worked with major industry leaders and CEOs to help them find and open new facilities overseas. They have been operating for over fifteen years independently. Mehra specializes in helping his clients buying, selling and procuring key competencies related to the general management, property investment and real estate business needs of his clients with a demonstrated skill for helping find undervalued properties for his clients.
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Vijay Mehra

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Real Estate Investor

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