Theresa Pileggi Nurse Practitioner
Theresa Pileggi
Theresa Pileggi
Theresa Pileggi is a licensed Nurse Practitioner with a focus in Adult Acute Care. She graduated from Villanova University with a Nursing Science degree in 1995 and obtained her Master’s in Acute Care Adult Nursing from Drexel University’s College of Nursing and Health Professions in 2000. Theresa Pilegg is a strong, experienced clinician with a great passion for Neurotrauma, Neurosurgical, Cerebrovascular, Orthopedic, and General Surgical Critical Care patients. The sense of satisfaction and fulfillment derived from witnessing a critically ill patient recover and go on to live the rest of their lives is worth each moment of struggle and hard work that the health care team endures!

Critical care neurology is a specialized field of medicine dedicated to providing advanced and comprehensive care to patients with acute neurological conditions. It is an interdisciplinary field that combines the knowledge and expertise of neurologists, neurosurgeons, intensivists, nurses, and other medical professionals to provide the best possible care for these critically ill patients. We will […]

Some people think of general adult medicine as a field that is routine and uninteresting. However, general adult medicine is the frontline, essential medical specialty that keeps people healthy and, hopefully, out of the hospital. Primary care doctors are responsible for caring for patients who are not sick enough to be in a hospital but who […]

Neurocritical care is a new and emerging subspecialty in neurology that is making a difference in patients’ lives with neurological disorders. Medical experts know the goal of neurocritical care is to improve the outcome of patients with neurological diseases by providing early and aggressive treatment of their condition. What Is A Neurological Disease? A neurological […]

Neurocritical care is a relatively new field of medicine that is constantly evolving. Because of this, medical professionals know many misconceptions about neurocritical care. Here, we will dispel some of the most common myths about neurocritical care. Neurocritical Care Is Only For People Who Have Had A Stroke Neurocritical care is a relatively new specialty […]

A spinal cord injury can be a life-altering event. Medical Professionals know for many people that it means a lifestyle change, including changes in diet and nutrition. It is essential to ensure that you eat the right foods and get the proper nutrients to support your health and healing process. We will discuss some of […]

Theresa Pileggi Nurse Practitioner

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