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Roger Lallemand Jr. MD
Roger Lallemand Jr. MD Explains How Digital Marketing Tips to Help Grow Your Healthcare Practice

Are you looking for ways to grow your healthcare practice? This post will discuss some digital marketing tips to help you achieve your goals. Roger Lallemand Jr. MD of New Jersey, USA knows it is no secret that digital marketing is a powerful tool that can be used to reach a large number of people. […]

Healthcare is a demanding industry. Healthcare workers are constantly on their feet, taking care of patients and ensuring that they receive the best possible care. This takes a toll on workers and often leads to burnout. Roger Lallemand Jr. MD of New Jersey, USA, says burnout can have severe consequences for both workers and healthcare […]


In any business, it is essential to learn from the mistakes of others. This is especially true in hospital administration, where lives are on the line. Roger Lallemand Jr. MD, MBA, from Westchester, NY, will discuss five lessons he has learned in his years of experience as a hospital administrator. We hope that these lessons […]

Revenue Growth