Mike Carroll
Mike Carroll
Mike Carroll was a bi-partisan appointment to the Irvine City Council in 2019 and elected to a four-year term in November 2020, where he received the second highest number of votes in the city’s history. With over 300,000 residents, Irvine is an award-winning community that is the most diversely integrated and safest city in the nation. Previously, he served as Chairman of the Community Services Commission and Vice Chair of the Planning Commission. Mr. Carroll is also the founding Chairman of the Orange County Power Authority, a public utility that offers clean, renewable electric power to more than 825,000 Orange County residents and small businesses, with a power load equivalent to the State of Vermont. He is a practicing corporate and transactional attorney and Co-Founder of CorpGen Counsel, a boutique legal practice. Prior to establishing his own firm, he was General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of a NASDAQ-traded public company, and practiced corporate and securities law at a major international law firm in New York City. He is a former board member of the Orange County Press Club, OneOC (formerly Volunteer Center of Orange County), and Child Aid, the former President of the Vista Verde K-8 School Foundation, and the recipient of the President’s Volunteer Service Award for his pro bono representation of the Orange County Rescue Mission and its Village of Hope. Mr. Carroll lives in Irvine with his wife and two daughters.
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