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Michael Kosloske
Michael Kosloske
Michael Kosloske is from Rockford, IL. He attended Florida State University, graduating in 1986 with a degree in Risk Management and Insurance. Kosloske is retired and the founder of Health Insurance Innovations. Michael developed an acumen for the insurance industry at an early age being born into a family that had been leaders in the industry for years. Before entering into the industry himself he had already devised grand plans to create a scalable online platform to bring health insurance consumers, agents and carriers together to transact business. In 1987 he joined the third-generation family business as President of Health Plan Administrators (HPA). Michael purchased 100% of HPA in 1998 and focused on fully insured niche individual health insurance sold online. He owned and developed 20+ Health Insurance blocks insured by many carriers and ranked in the top ten worldwide. And then Michael founded Health Plan Intermediaries on June 1, 2003. In January 2005, he sold HPA to Independence Holding Co (IHC). HPA has marketed and administered more than 1 million STM policies worldwide. Michael became the IHC Divisional President from 2005-2007. In June 2008, he founded Health Plan Intermediaries, LLC, dba Health Insurance Innovations, LLC (MGU, Marketing and IT company) Merged with Naylor Group Partners in August 2008. And he purchased the Naylor Group Partner Ownership portion of HII 2011 Sole Share Owner. Michael was able to navigate launching this endeavour under tremendous adversity and stress in the depths of the Financial Crisis of the late aughts but through entrepreneurial spirit, hard work and determination he was able to lead the business to a success.
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