Manor Lake Labradoodles
Manor Lake Labradoodles
Since 2003, Manor Lake Labradoodles has been raising quality multi-generational Australian Labradoodles. They offer miniature, medium, and standard sized Australian Labradoodles that are allergy and asthma friendly as well as non shedding in all colors including apricot, black, caramel, chocolate/café, cream, parti, and red. One look into their intuitive, expressive eyes and you will see why Manor Lake has dedicated over fifteen years to this spectacular breed!
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Australian Labradoodles are considered to be great family pets! This breed makes for fantastic family pets due to their allergy and asthma friendly coats, their high intelligence, and easy-going nature. Many people who have dog allergies can live with an Australian Labradoodle without experiencing any allergic reactions. There are other additional benefits to having an […]

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