Justin Schmidt
Justin Schmidt
Justin Schmidt Grew up in Sacramento California and went on to study at the Real Estate Management Allied Business School. Justin Schmidt has been involved in real estate and construction industries since 2005 and has an extensive background in residential and commercial real estate investment and management, with a primary focus in residential fix and flip and multifamily apartment assets. Justin values relationships in his business and believes in win-win solutions for all business dealings. As a real estate entrepreneur he has been involved in over 500 residential fix and flips transactions across several entities and states. In 2018 the primary focus was shifted to building a rental portfolio across 5 states. In this timeframe the portfolio has grown to 400 rental units with a goal to grow to 1000 units. Justin now resides in New Braunfels Texas with his wife and four children. In addition to his passion for all thing’s real estate, Justin’s passions revolve around family, travelling, and spending time outdoors. Justin is actively looking to network and create business opportunities with like-minded individuals and investors across the United States.

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