myofascial release massage
Joclyn Van Orden
Joclyn Van Orden
Joclyn Van Orden founded Ending Sciatica in April of 2015 in Los Angeles, California. Van Orden began advertising help to those with limited mobility and Sciatica and started the business with an online platform that allowed her to advertise. The business’ reputation of success brought not only regulars but a constant flow of folks with the same issues. There is a never ending supply of help needed for those with sciatica related pain and mobility issues. Healing people effectively has allowed Van Orden to continue to where she is now having relocated to Las Vegas with more locations to be opened in the future. Van Orden offers pain relief and mobility treatment via deep tissue treatments dealing with mainly what’s known as myofascial tissue. Van Orden’s skills are in high demand and specialize where traditional massage or poor results from physical therapy, chiropractors and more have left patients and clients wanting for more. Van Orden excels and has treated countless patients to relieve and end their sciatica, shoulder rotation issues, low back compaction and knee issues. Van Orden who suffered from chronic pain herself in the past knew that it was her goal was to supply the same relief she had given herself to everyone she could. Van Orden’s believes in delivering results even after one 60 minute session. Van Orden’s treatment also emphasizes the importance of healthy eating and exercise to avoid injury and be able to move well into the later years of life.
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myofascial release massage

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