Frances Abeton
Frances Abeton
Wexford native Frances Abeton is a co-founder and named CEO of WHYZE Health in 2021. Throughout her career, Frances has been driven by her intellectual curiosity to find answers to the most pressing questions. This intellectual curiosity powered by a personal experience as a child's parent who needed a solution for a complex health condition led to the creation of Whyze Health. WHYZE Health has built the only platform connecting the entire healthcare ecosystem to help inform better treatment options and guide better patients and their physicians toward optimizing health outcomes. Frances firmly believes in collaborative care, where health and research are unified, empowering patients to collaborate with their healthcare providers in a unique way: with access to the right data to make a truly informed health decision.
Frances Abeton Digital Health

In a world where we can track our steps, calorie intake, and sleep patterns, it only makes sense that we would also want to keep track of our health information more efficiently. Although Electronic Health Records have been the norm for doctors and patients alike, in Dublin, Ireland, experts like Frances Abeton understand the many […]