Eddie Ibanez
Eddie Ibanez
Eddie Ibanez is a successful tech project manager and backer, and is currently the lead developer behind CryptoZoo, a game that aims to introduce NFTs and crypto to the masses in an easy to digest way.

In a world where technology keeps advancing, it’s no wonder that businesses are looking for new ways to improve their operations. One of the most promising technologies for business is blockchain and NFTs. These two technologies have the potential to change how transactions are done. In this article we will explore how they can be […]

2022 Technology Trends

The future of technology is always an exciting topic to think about. What will the world be like in 2022? What new technologies will emerge? In this article we will look at some of the top tech trends to watch for in 2022. These technologies will likely impact our lives in the years to come, […]

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