Dean Scott
Dean Scott
Dean Scott grew up in Baltimore, MD & was born in 1968 and raised by his mother, the youngest of seven brothers and one Sister. He graduated from High School in 1987, and he was the class valedictorian. After High School, he enlisted in the Army as a Military Police soldier, where he served 20 years with a combat tour in Iraq and Humanitarian Service Mission in Goma Zaire. Dean received a Bronze Star for Valor in Combat in 2006. While in the military, Dean continued his education, receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree from Colorado State-Pueblo in 1994 and later earned a Master's Degree in Management from Murray State University in 2004. Scott later had a calling to do Pastoral duties in 2008, became a Pastor in 2009, and served at the New kingdom of Faith and Restoration Church. The Church serves as the primary food provider in the greater northland of Kansas City, feeding over 100 families a month. Dean currently works as a Traffic Safety Official, where he gives grant oversight of Traffic Safety Programs. Additionally, Dean manages the financial disbursements and reimbursements of program grant funds. Scott is an avid motorcyclist and Sports fan and enjoys watching the Indianapolis Colts, Baltimore Ravens and LA Lakers.
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In the United States, it is estimated that one in eight people struggles with food insecurity. Experts like Dean Scott in Gladstone, MO, say they do not have reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. Despite working one or multiple jobs, this struggle is a reality for many individuals and families. The […]

Donating food to a food bank may seem like the right thing to do, but there are several things you need to understand before doing so. Dean Scott, a pastor, and food bank operator from Gladstone, MO, understands that, first and foremost, donating food is not as simple as dropping off a bag of groceries. […]

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