Daniel Gornetzki Sales Director
Daniel Gornetzki
Daniel Gornetzki
Daniel Gornetzki was born in New York City and raised in Queens, NY. Growing up, Dan was raised a polite, courteous, outgoing young man, always working hard in school and athletics, which earned him the admirable respect of his family, friends and educators. He was extremely diligent in his academic studies and was accepted into the Bronx High School of Science; a specialized New York City public high school often referred to as the premier science magnet school in the United States. Home to a Holocaust Museum, Bronx Science is in the Bedford Park section of the Bronx, NY. It comprises a highly diverse student body of 3,000 New York City teens of over a dozen different ethnicities. At Bronx Science, Dan was a varsity tennis, and baseball team member, served as sports editor of the high school's newspaper, was inducted into the National Honor Roll, and co-founded Random Acts of Kindness. This community service student organization explores activities inside the city of New York, providing personal charitable acts within the high school community and to strangers who are in need. In addition, from 2001-to 2003, Dan volunteered as a weekend youth basketball coach and mentor for underprivileged children at the Tony Dapolito Recreation Center in New York, NY. Dan went on to attend Northwestern University, US News' 12th ranked National University, graduating a semester early in March 2008. Daniel is currently Director of Sales at OneStream Software.
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Daniel Gornetzki Sales Director

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