Computer Recycling
Computer Recycling
Computer Recycling
Computer Recycling is a leading electronics recycling company committed to helping customers dispose of obsolete or unwanted electronic equipment. Offering a wide range of innovative recycling solutions, our team of industry-leading professionals provides exceptional customer service, flexible storage options, and fair pricing. Using our certified data wiping capabilities, we ensure all sensitive information is removed and that all electronics are disposed of safely and responsibly.
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New Jersey is among the vast majority of states that has legislation in place governing the recycling of electronic equipment. We’re here to help sort through the specific rules and regulations regarding the recycling of electronics. We will discuss what you need to know about recycling electronics in New Jersey and why it is imperative […]

Every day, businesses generate an incredible amount of electronic waste. This waste can come in many forms, such as old computers, printers, and copiers. Experts encourage proper recycling of your obsolete items because it’s a responsible decision to protect the environment. That being said, it’s important to remember that electronic recycling can come with risks, […]

Computer Recycling

Every business is established with the intention of excelling at their chosen field & laying the groundwork for a prosperous future. And many businesses depend on using technology that can function at a pace that moves as fast as life itself. We are quick to adopt new computers, but this raises the question of what […]

Did you know that over 44 million tons of electronic waste are generated each year? That’s a lot of old technology! And it’s only going to increase in the years to come. As more and more people switch over to digital devices, the amount of e-waste will continue to grow. It is so crucial for […]

The world is in the midst of an electronic waste crisis. With technology advancing rapidly, more and more old electronics are discarded each year. This has led to mountains of electronic waste that often end up in landfills, causing severe environmental damage. To protect our planet, businesses must start properly recycling their old electronics. In […]

Computer Recycling

When companies upgrade their computers and electronic equipment, proper recycling of their obsolete equipment is not always a foremost consideration. While over 59 million tons of e-waste were produced around the world in 2019, a mere 17% of these materials are recycled properly. This represents a huge volume of potentially hazardous materials being shipped to […]

Carelessly discarding computers and other electronic equipment can lead to severe data security issues. When data stored on computer hard drives, smartphones, and servers is not properly wiped or destroyed, it could be accessed by hackers who are attempting to access your financial information for personal gain. In this article we will share the importance […]

Computer Recycling

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