Callaghan O'Connor
Callaghan O'Connor
Callaghan O’Connor is a Victoria, British Columbia native who returned to his hometown to pursue a career in real estate. Born and raised in Victoria, Callaghan excelled at hockey and rugby from a young age and played WHL Junior A hockey after high school. He earned a degree in sports management and business, and after running several businesses during his time at university, he interned for the Vancouver Canucks and the BC Lions. However, rather than sports, Callaghan O’Connor found his calling in real estate. He focused on commercial real estate for five years in Vancouver before moving back to his hometown of Victoria, where he could pursue his passion for interior and landscape design by shifting his focus to residential properties. In just a few short years, he built a very successful luxury/high-end real estate business. Callaghan now lives in Victoria, which he sees as a great place to raise his kids.
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