Real Estate Developement
Anthony Kolich
Anthony Kolich
Growing up in Stamford, Connecticut, Anthony Kolich was introduced to the real estate industry from a very young age. Because his family ran a real estate development company, he learned the lingo, strategy, and approaches endemic to the business even before graduating from high school. Being raised in this charged environment fostered a lifelong love of real estate and housing markets. While still in high school, he assisted his grandfather with apartment care and the essentials of real estate maintenance. These experiences provided the foundation of knowledge that he would later use throughout his career. In time, he launched Kolich Holdings, a property management company based in Stanford, Connecticut. His efforts led the company to rapid growth. In time, he expanded it into commercial real estate along with his residential holdings. Kolich Holdings continues to thrive and manage more than a thousand apartments to this day, having successfully navigated the real estate downturn of 2008 where so many other companies folded under the pressure. Since the inception of his first business, Anthony connected with a partner to build a second; Empire Residential. This residential and commercial real estate development company continues to grow consistently, year after year. A builder at his core, Anthony Kolich has stated many times that the creative nature of the real estate business continually inspires him to develop new and more ambitious projects.
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Real Estate Developement

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