Anthony Fallahi
Anthony Fallahi
In his career, Anthony Fallahi has had experience working in change management, advisory, and executive leadership roles. His areas of focus and skills include Agile and technology driven transformation, financial services, workplace benefits, employee engagement, compliance, and regulation. He has proven himself to be an expert in strategic change, project management and implementation, and programs related to financial products and services. He is a skilled Executive Program Director successful at developing and overseeing global programs of high complexity and size and has been praised for his advanced communications and as an organizational change consultant. Fallahi is passionate about teaching and the 'light bulb' moments that occur when dots are connected and new concepts are understood. He believes that the keys to achieving personal goals are effort, education, and support, and that public and private institutions alike that genuinely take an interest in the well-being of both their employees and their customers will yield far greater dividends.

Companies are in a tough position when it comes to maintaining skilled labor. On one hand, managers are tasked with handling what the World Economic Forum calls the ‘Reskilling Revolution’, upskilling workers as roles and technology evolve. On the other, we are in an environment of staggeringly high turnover – as much as 50-75% higher […]

Are you going through a significant change at work? Leaders in financial wellness and change management say if so, you’re not alone. Every day, businesses worldwide are implementing changes to improve their operations. Change can be difficult, but the right approach can help ensure a smooth and successful transition. This article will discuss The Seven […]

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