Amy Wilkins
Amy Wilkins
Amy Wilkins
Amy Wilkins is a sociology PhD with over 15 years of experience leading high impact qualitative research teams. She spent the first part of her career as a professor, where she published an award winning book and over 20 peer-reviewed publications. After leaving academia, she gained experience conducting product research for small start ups and through volunteer experience with Hack for LA, before taking a job as the Director of Insight at an integrated advertising agency. In that role, she managed and planned a portfolio of 7 market research and brand strategy accounts across the tourism, finance, utility, non-profit and healthcare verticals. She works cross-functionally across the agency to conduct, interpret and apply consumer and market research insights to develop strategic business insights. Her passion is research, and she would like to be in a position that allows her to do more research more of the time. Her strengths are in-depth interviews, focus groups, and contextual inquiry/ethnography, but she has a wide range of experience, including usability testing.

UI and UX design is essential for improving customer interaction with websites, apps, and software. You want an online experience that’s attractive, intuitive, and efficient — but how do you get there? Enter sociology! Experts say integrating sociological knowledge into your UI and UX designs can open up powerful new opportunities to reach customers on […]

Qualitative research is a powerful tool in social sciences, allowing researchers to gain insight into people’s behaviors, beliefs, and motivations. Experts state that there are still challenges associated with quantifying qualitative research – that is, turning qualitative data into numerical values. We will examine some of the benefits and challenges of quantifying qualitative research. Benefits […]

If you’re working with qualitative data, coding is an important step in the process. Experts say understanding coding and how to get started can help you make sense of your data and draw valuable conclusions from it. Let’s examine what coding means in qualitative research and how you can begin the process. What Is Coding? […]

A degree in sociology opens up many doors. Experts explain that sociology is a major that prepares students for almost any career because it teaches them to empathize and think about social systems. It is a great foundation, even if a student doesn’t go into a career with an obvious connection. Sociology graduates can work […]

Sociology is the study of human social behavior. It is a science that deals with the systematic analysis of the structure and function of human society. Sociologists analyze how humans interact with each other, both in groups and as individuals. Theoretical perspectives are important tools that sociologists use to understand social phenomena better. Why is […]

Qualitative interviews are a great way to get deep insights into a research topic. We will discuss how to design a semi-structured qualitative interview. We will cover the basics of what you need to know before designing your interview, including the types of questions you should ask and the best ways to structure your interview. […]

Amy Wilkins

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