Albert Boufarah
Albert Boufarah
Albert Boufarah is the founder and CEO of SAMR Inc. in Lakewood, NJ. About 20 years ago, Albert started SAMR Inc. with only a few employees and quickly grew the business to the point that a much larger warehouse was needed. The industry of electronic waste recycling has been growing rapidly, SAMR Inc. offers a wide variety of recycling arrangements for municipalities, counties, medical offices, schools, and businesses of all sizes.
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Electronics Recycling

With the constant growth of the computer age, large companies, including banks and insurance companies, and organizations like hospitals and schools, face various challenges in their day-to-day operations. Among these challenges is the disposal of old and obsolete electronic appliances and devices, commonly known as e-waste. For such organizations dealing with electronics on a large […]

Electronics Recycling - SAMR Inc. Albert Boufarah

Thankfully, in 2022, companies both large and small have finally awoken to the fact that conserving the environment has to be taken seriously, or else the planet, as well as everyone and everything that lives on it may pay a very steep price. Because of this there are four reasons businesses should recycle old electronics. […]

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