Elijah Cady: Technical Expert Personified

Introducing Elijah Cady

Meet Elijah Cady, a dedicated technical support specialist with a passion for technology and giving back to the community. Born and raised in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, Elijah’s early life was shaped by the love and support of his mother, Cynthia Cady, and father, Steven Cady. He shared his upbringing with two sisters, Maria and Anita Cady, and a brother, Stephen Lanoie.

Elijah Cady’s journey in the professional world began in machining, where he honed his skills and craftsmanship. However, his career path took a significant turn when he joined the Air Force in 2012, transitioning into the exciting field of cybersecurity. During his time in the Air Force, he not only developed invaluable technical expertise but also cultivated a deep sense of duty and commitment to service.

Upon completing his military service, Elijah Cady made a successful transition to the civilian side of the tech industry, venturing into the realm of IT. He worked for Netsimco at the esteemed Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island, where he further expanded his knowledge and experience in technology and support.

Continuing his pursuit of excellence, Elijah Cady joined Sunrun as a helpdesk technician, gaining hands-on experience in assisting users with technical issues and problem-solving. Currently, he is employed at Attain Technology in Providence, Rhode Island, as a technical support specialist, where he continues to make a positive impact in the technology sector.

Outside the realm of tech, Elijah Cady is a man of many interests. He has a creative side, enjoying playing the trumpet and engaging in recreational activities like baseball, tennis, and Magic: The Gathering. In his leisure time, you can often find him working out or immersed in video games, particularly Call of Duty.

But Elijah Cady’s story doesn’t stop there. In collaboration with his friend Sean Maloney, Elijah Cady co-founded 13 Stars LLC, a hot sauce company with a meaningful mission. 13 Stars hot sauce focuses on providing premium hot sauce varieties while giving back to Veterans and first responders, supporting those who have dedicated their lives to serving the nation and the community.

As a testament to his dedication to the cause, Elijah Cady and 13 Stars LLC generously donate to several organizations, including local fire, police, and first responder organizations, as well as initiatives like Pets for Vets, championing various causes that align with their mission.

Elijah Cady’s journey showcases his commitment to technical excellence, his love for creating and sharing hot sauce, and his unyielding support for those who have served and protected the community. With a heart for both technology and giving back, Elijah Cady is a remarkable individual making a positive impact in various spheres of life.

Elijah Cady in a chef outfit in front of a black backdrop

Early Beginnings and Military Service

Elijah Cady, an experienced IT professional and the owner and co-founder of 13 Stars Hot Sauce, has a compelling journey that led him to excel in the world of technology while making a positive impact on the community.

Growing up in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, Elijah Cady’s journey began with a passion for technology, sports, and creative pursuits. Playing the trumpet, engaging in baseball and tennis, and immersing himself in the world of Magic: The Gathering were essential elements of his childhood.

After graduating from North Kingstown High School in 2011, Elijah Cady decided to embark on a unique path by joining the United States Air Force in 2012. This step allowed him to serve his country and explore new career possibilities. In the Air Force, he found his niche in the field of cybersecurity, where he honed his technical skills and developed a deep sense of duty and commitment to service.

Working for Netsimco and Sunrun

Upon completing his military service, Elijah Cady transitioned to the civilian side of the tech industry, venturing into the realm of IT. He began working for Netsimco at the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island. This opportunity allowed him to further expand his knowledge and experience in technology and support while serving at an esteemed institution.

Continuing his professional journey, Elijah Cady joined Sunrun, a company focusing on solar energy solutions. Here, he served as a helpdesk technician, gaining valuable hands-on experience in assisting users with technical issues and troubleshooting various technology-related challenges.

Technical Support Specialist at a Small MSP Company

Presently, Elijah Cady works as a technical support specialist at a small Microsoft Service Provider (MSP) company based in Providence, Rhode Island. As a project manager, he wears many hats, facilitating open communication among team members to ensure smooth project execution. A significant part of his role involves building and configuring technological equipment for server racks, including those used for large solar farms, supporting the company’s efforts in sustainable energy solutions.

Furthermore, Elijah Cady serves as a support specialist on the helpdesk and the Field Service Board for technology, taking a proactive approach to resolve issues and ensure smooth operations. Additionally, he actively monitors the company’s customers at the Network Operations Center (NOC), employing his technical expertise to preemptively address potential problems.

Inspiration to Pursue a Career in IT

Elijah Cady’s decision to pursue a career in IT was inspired by two key factors: his proficiency with technology and a desire to serve his country. Unlike many peers who opted for traditional four-year college programs, Elijah Cady sought a different path. He saw the military as an opportunity to gain specialized training for a rewarding career while avoiding significant financial debt.

Moreover, Elijah Cady’s brother served as a role model and encouraged him to explore IT as a viable career option. It became evident to Elijah Cady that a successful IT career did not necessarily require a four-year college degree. Instead, dedication, continuous learning, logical thinking, and problem-solving abilities played crucial roles in achieving success in the industry.

Perspectives from Elijah Cady

Keys to Being Productive

Elijah Cady believes that passion, motivation, and a strong work ethic are essential elements for productivity. He emphasizes the importance of creating a well-defined plan for any project, as it helps prevent chaos and ensures efficient completion.

Additionally, having the support of colleagues and maintaining open communication fosters a collaborative work environment, further contributing to overall productivity and success.

Long-Term Career Goal

While Elijah Cady’s long-term career goal remains open-ended, his unwavering commitment to personal growth and continuous learning is apparent. He believes in embracing new opportunities and challenges, staying dynamic in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

Measuring Success

Elijah Cady adopts a pragmatic approach to measure success. He sets realistic and achievable goals, often pushing himself slightly outside his comfort zone to pursue ambitious targets. Additionally, he sets completely unrealistic goals, aiming high to constantly challenge himself. By reevaluating progress over time and developing step-by-step processes to reach those goals, Elijah Cady celebrates each milestone as a mark of success.

Valuable Lessons in the Workplace

Through his professional journey, Elijah Cady learned a crucial lesson that extends beyond technology: the importance of empathy and understanding others’ perspectives. Working in high-stress situations while troubleshooting problems and coordinating with various teams taught him the significance of taking a step back and considering different viewpoints.

This ability to empathize and consider others’ situations has had a positive impact on his workplace interactions and extends to his personal life. Elijah Cady believes that taking a moment to understand others’ challenges fosters patience, understanding, and improved communication.

Advice for Aspiring High-Tech Professionals

Elijah Cady’s advice to aspiring high-tech professionals is grounded in his belief that knowledge is more valuable than formal education in the IT field. He encourages individuals to engage in hands-on learning by researching and experimenting with affordable technology equipment. Practical experience and exposure to various IT-related challenges enhance problem-solving skills and contribute to success.

Moreover, he advocates for learning from individuals at all levels, as diverse experiences offer valuable insights. Listening to others and maintaining an open mind, especially during troubleshooting processes, promotes a holistic understanding of complex issues.

A Confident Colleague

In the eyes of his colleagues, Elijah Cady is perceived as a confident individual. He values self-assurance as a fundamental trait that contributes to long-term success in the tech industry.

Indispensable Technology in Daily Routine

For Elijah Cady, his laptop is the core piece of equipment that drives his daily routine. Its versatility allows him to connect to various devices and remote tools, enabling seamless communication and efficient problem-solving.

Biggest Role Model

Among the many influences in his life, Elijah Cady’s biggest role model is his father. Drawing inspiration from his father’s perseverance and ability to overcome adversity, Elijah Cady learned essential life lessons that continue to shape his personal growth.

Unforgettable Advice

One piece of advice that has profoundly impacted Elijah Cady is the power of taking a short mental break when facing stress or uncertainty. Stepping back for a few minutes and refocusing one’s attention often leads to clearer thinking, better problem-solving, and emotional balance. The five-minute mental break has become an invaluable tool in Elijah Cady’s professional and personal life.

Elijah Cady’s journey exemplifies the fusion of technology and service, showcasing his technical excellence and dedication to giving back to the community. As an accomplished IT professional and co-founder of 13 Stars Hot Sauce, he continues to inspire others through his commitment to lifelong learning, empathy, and personal growth. In a dynamic and ever-changing industry, Elijah Cady’s journey is a testament to the importance of passion, resilience, and a willingness to embrace new challenges.

Conclusion: A Journey of Technology and Service

Elijah Cady’s remarkable journey in the world of technology and service embodies the perfect blend of passion, dedication, and a commitment to giving back to the community. From his early beginnings in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, to his time serving in the Air Force, and eventually excelling as an IT professional and co-founder of 13 Stars Hot Sauce, Elijah’s story is one of inspiration and growth.

Growing up with a love for technology and diverse interests, including sports and creative pursuits, set the foundation for Elijah’s future endeavors. Graduating from North Kingstown High School in 2011, he made the bold decision to serve his country, joining the Air Force in 2012. During his military service, Elijah found his calling in the field of cybersecurity, an area where he thrived and developed a strong sense of duty.

Following his service, Elijah’s transition to the civilian IT landscape was seamless, thanks to his continuous learning and passion for the field. His experiences with organizations like Netsimco at the Naval War College and Sunrun provided invaluable insights into various aspects of the industry, and he excelled as a helpdesk technician, honing his skills in assisting users and troubleshooting technology challenges.

Currently, as a technical support specialist at a small MSP company, Elijah wears many hats, seamlessly managing projects and supporting the company’s operations. His proactive approach to problem-solving and open communication fosters a collaborative and productive work environment.

Elijah’s inspiration to pursue a career in IT stemmed from a desire to serve his country while avoiding the burden of college debt. With a brother as a role model, he embraced the idea that success in the IT industry depended on dedication, logical thinking, and continuous learning.

Throughout his journey, Elijah embraced the keys to productivity, valuing passion, motivation, and a strong work ethic. Defining success with realistic and ambitious goals allowed him to celebrate every milestone along the way.

Moreover, his experiences in the workplace taught him the value of empathy and understanding others’ perspectives, shaping him into a patient and considerate colleague.

To aspiring high-tech professionals, Elijah offers valuable advice, emphasizing the significance of knowledge and hands-on learning. Engaging with various experiences and actively listening to others enables holistic growth in the dynamic IT industry.

As he continues to evolve in his career, Elijah remains open to new opportunities, guided by a commitment to personal growth and continuous learning. His confidence, driven by self-assurance, sets the stage for long-term success.

In the midst of his technology-driven endeavors, Elijah finds solace in the simple yet indispensable piece of equipment – his laptop. The versatile tool enables him to seamlessly navigate through daily routines, connecting with others and addressing challenges effectively.

Drawing inspiration from his father, Elijah recognizes the importance of perseverance and resilience, attributes that have influenced his personal growth significantly.

Perhaps the most unforgettable advice Elijah carries with him is the power of a short mental break during times of stress and uncertainty. This practice enables him to maintain clarity, better problem-solving, and emotional balance, contributing to his success both professionally and personally.

Elijah Cady’s journey is a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of growth. From his excellence in the IT industry to his commitment to giving back through 13 Stars Hot Sauce, he stands as a source of inspiration for aspiring tech professionals and advocates of community service alike. In a world where technology is ever-evolving, Elijah’s journey reminds us that the fusion of technology and service can create an impactful and meaningful path to success.

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