Dennis Crimmins of Alamogordo, New Mexico Highlights the Top Military Blogs to Follow in 2022

During the course of his decades-long career as a structural and commercial contractor, and later the head of one of the largest construction companies in the Southwest, Dennis Crimmins of Alamogordo, New Mexico has been privileged to work in conjunction with the US government to build several facilities for the Department of Defense. As a direct result of these projects, Dennis has developed an avid interest in military matters. Besides studying historical conflicts from around the world, Dennis keeps close tabs on the latest military developments by monitoring various media, including books, magazines, film and television documentaries, podcasts, and multiple web-based resources. 

In this blog entry, Alamogordo’s Dennis Crimmins takes the time to highlight his favorite—and what he views as the absolute best—military blogs of 2022, explaining exactly why he finds each of them to be especially informative.

Dennis Crimmins on the best military blogs

From the Green Notebook

“I find From the Green Notebook to be one of the most comprehensive military blogs on the internet,” says Crimmins. “It addresses a wide variety of topics—everything from the science and art of command to moral injury to how inclusivity provides strength to a fighting force. This blog is also great because it features interviews with well-known military figures, such as Lieutenant General Xavier Brunson and retired Colonel Kirsten Brunson, and knowledgeable pundits, such as David Gergen. Every time this site posts a new blog entry, I read it thoroughly. It has taught me a lot.”

From the Green Notebook can be found here.

Defense Blog

“My go-to blog for current events and global military developments is Defense Blog. Ever since Russia invaded Ukraine earlier this year, I check it every single day. This blog has up-to-the-minute news on all the ground reports from the conflict in Eastern Europe,” Dennis says, before expanding on his review. “Beyond that, though, it files reports on any news-worthy military items from around the globe. For example, only this morning I found a great piece on upgrades to the French Leclerc tank, and another detailing how the Israelis are developing a giant robot tank.” 

Defense Blog can be found here.

General Leadership

“This blog is really interesting because it’s authored by the actual men and women of the Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, and Space Force,” asserts Dennis Crimmins. “That being the case, it offers genuine and thoughtful perspectives on military matters of all sorts. There are essays on leadership, technical issues, innovation, and heartfelt tributes to veterans of past eras—and that’s only scratching the surface of what this blog crowd-sourced from our men and women in uniform has to offer.”

General Leadership can be found here.

Task and Purpose

“Compared with the other blogs listed here, this one is a bit of an outlier,” Crimmins observes. “Its stated purpose is to provide information, guidance, and advice to current members of the American military. It contains updates to official policies and procedures, as well as news specifically tailored to those in the service. To an outsider, such as myself, it serves as a fascinating window into a way of life that has always interested me, but one which I can, in reality, only read about. ”

Task and Purpose can be found here.

Global Security Review

“Tackling military news and current events from a geopolitical perspective, Global Security Review is penned by members of a sort of informal think tank,” remarks Dennis. “Recurring themes addressed by this blog are nuclear proliferation, the global war on terrorism, international alliances, environmental issues that affect military strategy, and emergent technologies that can potentially change the future of warfare as we know it. I find the big picture insights Global Security Review provides to be invaluable. It really helps me to better understand the world in which we live.”

Global Security Review can be found here. News

“For my final recommendation on 2022’s top military blogs, I advise all those who are interested to go straight to the source and check out News,” states Dennis Crimmins. “As its name suggests, this blog is curated by officials from the United States Department of Defense, and as such, is an unimpeachable resource for anyone who wants to keep up with any news relating to the most effective and best-trained fighting organization in the history of the planet; the US military.” News can be found here.

Dennis Crimmins of Alamogordo, New Mexico has been a structural and commercial contractor since 1982. Now a developer, Dennis has built many facilities for various municipal and state governments, as well as the federal government. Notably, Dennis Crimmins has been commissioned several times with overseeing the construction of state-of-the-art facilities for the US Department of Defense.

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